Gallo Design is an office for strategic brand development. We attach particular importance to functional design and unmistakable appearances. With our process tool Brand Impulse°, we ensure the appropriate control instances in the creative development process.

  • Analysis

    Learning and understanding are two essential aspects of analysis. It is essential to learn what defines your company, brand, or product and the environment in which they operate. We aim to develop a common understanding of the current state of affairs and the needs that arise for you.

  • Communication

    To achieve targeted and efficient communication, it is important to choose the right channels. We assist you in bringing your brand communication to life, both analog and digital. Depending on your budget, we find the right solution for you.

  • Concept & Creation

    The art of creative work is not only to develop memorable stories and distinctive visual worlds for your brand. Communication should not become an end in itself but must consider your goals and strategies, as well as the emotional engagement of your customers.

  • Strategy

    For further work, it is important to have clear goals and define them. Together with you, we develop the strategic cornerstones of your brand communication. Within our Impulse Briefings, we lay the foundations for the creative development process. Now it gets interesting.

We design your brand, product, communication.